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Guaranteed Approval, Unsecured Cards for Bad and Poor Credit – ASAP Credit Card‎

Life happens and sometimes a poor credit score is beyond your control. Getting a mortgage, car loan, and sometimes even finding a job can all be negatively affected by a low credit score, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get a credit card. An ASAP credit card is one that you are given instant approval on.

You are usually much happier with these cards because you get some level of credit without much worry, and you will find that you are not so concerned about waiting for the approval letter to come in the mail. However, you must know how to use these cards so that you can improve your credit, change your financial situation, and save money. Unsecured credit cards are a perfect option for individuals who are in need of short-term funds but do not want to put down several thousands of dollars that traditional secured credit cards require. There are a number of companies that specialize in providing unsecured credit cards to “subprime” individuals, so they can slowly rebuild their credit scores. Here are the top 4 providers of unsecured credit cards, so you can make the best decision to rebuild your credit.

What Is An ASAP Credit Card? Image result for An ASAP Credit Card

The ASAP credit card that you get an offer for will give you instant approval. You fill out your application or call to get an approval for a certain line of credit. The company will give you a credit line increase depending on what they believe is best for them. Use that card well so that you can see your line of credit increase. You could apply for cards like this with many companies, but you must have a plan for what to do when you get your first card.

How Do You Use Your First Card? 

Make sure that you make your payments on time so that you can get in the good graces of the company. They will give you rewards for on-time payments, and they might upgrade you to a better card. The idea is to show that you are doing well with one card so that you can move on to a new one. Your credit report will start to change, and you will be much more confident in the cards that you have chosen because you are constantly improving until you get to a card that is more like a traditional card.

How Much Credit Will You Get? 

Most credit lines for cards such as this are very low, but they are helpful to you if you need them. You could get a card that will help you make one large purchase, or you could use these cards for daily expenses. All you need to do is make your payments at the right time, and you will find that you are not having such a hard time paying for your daily expenses or keeping up with unexpected expenses.

How Long Should You Use These Cards? Related image

You should use these cards for as long as you need. There is no reason to give them up, and you should not avoid these cards if you are trying to get back on your feet. They might help you with the expenses that are most devastating to you, and they will allow you to save money so that you can get through the month. The ASAP cards have a customer service team that will help you, and they might even have rewards.

How Do You Get An Upgrade? 

You are on one of these cards because they are meant to be upgraded. You must allow the company to upgrade you every chance they get, and they will get you into a much better card that you could use for many years to come. You might want to keep all the cards that you have gotten from these companies, and they will help you get an upgrade to a card that might benefit you. You could choose a company that offers rewards cards for the things you need most, and they will explain to your host to use these cards. You get even better customer service, and you can use these cards to take vacations, travel, or pay for business expenses.

Who Needs Cards Like This? 

Anyone with bad credit should choose these cards because they need something that will help them establish credit. Establishing credit is much easier with these cards because they are so simple to get, and they allow you to expand your credit in the future. You might choose one of these cards because you know that you cannot get anything else, and they are very nice for students. The students that want to get these cards now could start to manage their own money, and they will be much more confident in how they manage their money.

Are The Cards Secure? 

All credit cards now have chips, and you will find that even cards meant for people with bad credit are easy to secure. They will contact you if they find that you have odd activity on the card, and they will shut down the card if they know that someone has stolen it. You can put a PIN number on the card so that you can secure it for cash advances, and you could use the card in an ATM if that is necessary. These cards work just like any other credit card, and they get you ready for the credit cards you really need to manage your lifestyle. The ASAP cards that you have chosen allow you to establish your credit so that you can build a rating. These cards are easy to manage, and they allow you to make purchases easily. You could get one of these cards at any time, and they are so simple that you could be approved on the spot. You will have the opportunity to get more money to use for your monthly purchases, or you could use these cards for emergencies when you are afraid of those unexpected expenses that tend to come up.

Genesis BankcardImage result for Genesis Bankcard

Genesis offers several different credit card options for those interested in rebuilding their credit. Genesis reports to all three major credit bureaus so as long as you pay off your balance on time, you can expect that credit score to shoot up while using their cards. Although Genesis cards tend to have lower spending limits than others, the credit reporting benefits are a great plus. The Milestone MasterCard, from Genesis, is an excellent option for those with poor credit scores. The card offers all the normal fraud and theft protection, along with mobile account access. Annual fees are less than $100 with a 23.9% APR. Applicants with poor and bad credit are still considered making the Milestone card a great solution for people interested in rebuilding their scores.

Image result for Genesis BankcardIndigo MasterCard

Another option from Genesis is the Indigo MasterCard. Applicants can pre-qualify for this card without damaging their credit scores, and like other Genesis cards, all credit histories are considered. The Indigo MasterCard provides excellent fraud and theft protection like all Genesis cards. This card also reports to all the major credit agencies which will help users improve their credit standing. The free mobile account access makes checking your account simple and convenient.

Credit One Bank

The Credit One Bank is a well-known credit card issuer and is famous for being the only “subprime” provider that also provides cash back bonuses. The approval process is slightly more detailed than Genesis, so individuals with extremely bad credit scores may have a hard time qualifying. For those with poor credit, this card is an excellent option with cash back features. The Credit One Bank Visa card provides a 1% cash back bonus from their unsecured, no deposit card. The card is known for credit line increases, although sometimes a fee may apply. Applicants can pre-qualify for the card within 60 seconds online and even choose their own monthly payment due date. Users can also monitor their credit scores online for free.

Unsecured Platinum Visa cardImage result for Unsecured Platinum Visa card

Credit One Bank also gives applicants a different choice with their Unsecured Platinum Visa card. This card automatically monitors your spending and will increase credit lines as soon as you’re qualified. Pre-qualification is easy and takes less than a minute. Credit One’s Platinum Visa card comes with 1% cash back and does not require loans or deposits to use. The card guarantees $0 fraud liability and will send you email and text alerts regarding billing due dates, posted payments, and up to the minute credit limits.

Total Visa Card

Aside from the popular issuers above, lesser-known banks such as Total provide unsecured credit card options. The Total Visa Card does require applicants to have an open checking account with the bank, in return, the application process is fast and easy. Users will receive a genuine Visa card that is accepted by all merchants nationwide. This card also reports to all three major credit bureaus making it a solid choice for those interested in bumping up their credit scores

Image result for Surge MasterCardSurge MasterCard

The last from our lesser known bank list is the Surge MasterCard. Surge is a smaller provider than the big issuers but also reports to all three credit bureaus. Their unsecured credit card starts at a $500 limit but is done through a quick and easy application process. MasterCard is widely accepted worldwide and the account at Surge allows for 24/7 free online access. Surge does require that applicants open a checking account with their bank, but caters to individuals with low or bad credit.