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These are Some of the Easiest Credit Cards To Get in 2018 For All Credit Score Types

When looking for some of the easiest credit cards to get in 2018, there are a few cards that the consumer should look into.

Cards that offer different advantages to the consumer. Although each consumer has a unique situation, there a few cards that will generally answer the most basic concerns for the person looking to build or start credit. There are many people who have challenged credit because they made some mistakes along the way. Thankfully, you can still get a credit card and have a chance to rebuild your credit. Whether your credit is good, bad, or just downright disparaging, you can still get a credit card. Here are some of the easiest credit cards to get approved for.

What Cards Can I Get If I Have Excellent Credit?

This is a question that is often asked by those with credit scores in the 750 range. Credit cards for the consumers with excellent cards are dependent upon the individual circumstances for the particular consumer. For instance, MasterCard has great cash back rewards cards that award those with excellent credit everytime they go shopping. American Express has travel rewards cards that benefit the consumer every time a flight is made. These are just two examples of how customers with excellent credit can select credit cards. Chase Sapphire Preferred card is another choice for those with excellent credit. If the question is, “What cards can I get if I have excellent credit?” Here is your answer. There are many other selections for the consumer to consider.Image result for credit card

What Cards Can I Get If I Have An Average Credit Score?

Average credit is most common amongst consumers today. This means that the credit is not excellent and the credit is not bad. For this consumer, there are a few cards that may be interesting for the shopper. Capital One offers a Platinum MasterCard for those with average credit. The Platinum MasterCard has no annual fee and there are flat-rate rewards that go along with the card as well. If the consumer chooses the Quicksilver Cash Back Rewards card, then there are some nice cash back deals to be taken advantage of as well. Credit One offers the Platinum Visa card that has nice features in the arena of cash back as well. The consumer with an average credit score has some interesting options to choose from. As with most credit cards, monthly monitoring of the credit score is a feature that will help the consumer stay on track with their credit score. The question of, “What cards can I get if I have an average credit score”, is one that is no longer unanswered.

Credit One Bank Cash Back Credit CardImage result for Credit One Bank Cash Back Credit Card

Most people don’t know about Credit One, but they are an excellent company to work with. All eligible purchases made with this card earn the user one percent back. You get to choose your payment date too, which makes it easier to ensure it works around your paycheck schedule. They will email or text when the payment is due, and they also will periodically check your account for credit line increases. To help improve your credit, they monitor your score and send you the monthly report for free. Their zero fraud liability ensures you don’t pay for unauthorized purchases, ever.

First Premier Bank

Now, if you need to rebuild your credit quickly, First Premier Bank can help you do so. They have an annual fee and a processing fee that is charged to the account as soon as it is opened. However, they do report to all three credit bureaus, and they offer easy approvals. Though the credit line may begin at around $300, don’t worry. They like to give increases to those who pay their bills on time. While the perks and the interest rate is not the best, it is a card to consider when your credit is lackluster.

Image result for Credit One Bank Platinum VisaCredit One Bank Platinum Visa

This is one of the few unsecured cards that will not ask for a deposit to open an account. You can get approved in as little as sixty seconds online. The interest rate is around 24.9%, which is about average for fair to poor credit scores. You can watch your credit report for free with their convenient credit monitoring services. You can also choose your monthly due date to make things easier.

Horizon Gold Card

If you have an active debit card, you will be approved. They offer an instant $500 credit limit and they do no credit checks. They will take people who have good, fair, or bad credit. The interest rate is typical and there is no annual fee. You start out with $500 and can get reviewed for increases. The annual fee is $360. Thankfully, that can be paid each month for $30, charged to the debit card of your choice.

OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card

Choose your own credit line from $200 up to $3,000. Just open a savings account and your deposit can be refunded when your credit improves. It is one of the few cards that can switch from a secured to a traditional card when you pay faithfully. There is no credit check involved and you can pay to be approved for the card within five minutes. They are one of the few cards that have an online education section to help those with challenged credit learn to rebuild.

Primor Secured Visa Gold Card

As long as you have a monthly income of at least $100, you can be approved for this secured Visa. You can choose a credit line anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. The card is backed by the savings account you open. Since they report to all three credit bureaus, it is easy to use this card to help rebuild your credit. Getting a credit card doesn’t have to be a major chore. With some research and perhaps a deposit, you can have a good card that will help you to rebuild and save some for a rainy day.

Image result for Indigo MastercardIndigo Mastercard

This is a card that is designed for the consumer looking to rebuild their credit after allowing their credit to fall for whatever reasons. Indigo has made this card available to consumers looking to bounce back. A nice feature of this card is that all 3-major credit bureaus receive updates on a monthly basis when payments are made. This is one way that credit is rebuilt, by having a consistent payment history. Indigo has a nice feature that assists the customer should any hardships arise that may make paying monthly payments difficult. Indigo offers this unsecured credit card to consumers as a way to get their credit scores up again. Many consumers have allowed their credit to slip and have learned why it is important to keep their scores in a healthy shape. Most credit card companies will deny a consumer for having low credit. Indigo is the opposite because consumers with low credit scores are the preferred customers anyways. To answer the question of, “What cards can I get if I have a low credit score”, look over the above-stated cards and apply.

Total Visa CardImage result for Total Visa Card

Numerous advertisements that are all over the internet that promise easy credit cards to consumers. Many have tried those advertisements to have their applications denied for various reasons. This is why the average consumer wants to know what are the easiest cards to get in 2018. This is what makes Total Visa such an attractive card to the consumer looking to build credit. The application process is easy and upon approval, the consumer has to make a one-time deposit to access the line fo credit.

There Is An Annual Fee

Now some may scoff at that notion, but this is the same as any other credit card that has an annual fee for usage. Total Visa allows the consumer to make the payment upfront to access the line of credit. This makes building credit easier because this is an unsecured credit card and the credit bureaus will receive monthly updates on the usage of the credit and the consumer has the ability to request a credit line increase after paying the card off for a certain amount of months. Credit is built this way. Total Visa is one of the easiest cards to get in 2018.

What Are The Easiest Credit Cards To Get In 2018?

The above credit cards all have distinct features for different types of consumers in the market today. The consumer will do well to know which credit category they are in. Knowing if the credit score is bad, fair, or excellent is the first step towards knowing which card to apply to. You may ask, “What cards can I get if I have excellent credit?” or “What cards can I get if I have a low credit score?” or even, “What cards can I get if I have an average credit score”. No matter what the score is, knowing it is the way to begin the journey of either starting, rebuilding, or improving the credit file.